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13May 2020

What Exactly Will That Mean for the SME ? On Saturday 09th May Minister Heather Humphreys announced the Governments new Return to Work Safely Protocol document.  Minister Humphreys noted that this document was designed to support employers and workers to put measures in place that will prevent the spread of COVID 19 in the workplace.  […]

02May 2017

Near Miss or Workplace Accident? A life saved is an invaluable gift to all concerned.   Reflecting upon this year’s National Workers Memorial Day and indeed absorbing the words of wisdom from the HSA’s CEO Mr. Martin O’ Hallaron, I feel it necessary to mention to and indeed to remind all business owners of the […]

13Apr 2017

Do you have staff, workers or contractors working in Confined Spaces on behalf of your business? Perhaps you’re not 100% sure if you do? Think of any place including a vat, chamber, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, well, ductwork, roof spaces, basements, or even a small enclosed room with limited exits, where there may […]

01Sep 2016

Why is this so important from a parent’s perspective? From a workplace safety perspective, everything is covered from signage to manual handling to chemicals and even first aid.  Of course this is critical for the operation of safe and health workplace but all too often we tend to forget about where our most precious possessions […]

01Aug 2016

Some Frequently Asked Questions! Working with handheld power tools in the workplace is for sure a hazard all of its own.  If not used, maintained and inspected correctly the consequential injuries can be horrific.  The training of all operatives is thus an essential part of managing this workplace hazard at ground level.   What is […]