Why is this so important from a parent’s perspective?

From a workplace safety perspective, everything is covered from signage to manual handling to chemicals and even first aid.  Of course this is critical for the operation of safe and health workplace but all too often we tend to forget about where our most precious possessions are and that is in the home…..

As a very proud member of the West Wicklow Rapid Response team, I see first-hand the importance of giving that person in trouble the very best of help, encouragement and assistance in the vital minutes before the ambulance and paramedics arrive, thus the importance of an understanding of the basics of First Aid.


So, allow me pose three questions to you the reader as follows:

Q1.  Would you potentially recognise the signs and symptoms of a stroke?

Q2.  Would you be able to help a choking family member?

Q3.  What would you do in the case of a sever burn emergency?


Answer 1:

Look for the following signs / symptoms for all suspected stroke cases…

F for FACE

Does the face droop to one side?  Can the person smile?

A for ARM

Can the person hold their two arms up at the same level and hold them there?


Can the person talk?  Are they making sense?

T for TIME

If you spot any one of the signs or symptoms noted above, it is now time to call 999 or 112 immediately and request an emergency ambulance.


Answer 2:

Firstly and most importantly, stay CALM!!

For an adult or a child (between the ages of 1-8) put your hand across their chest, lean them forward and with the heal of your hand, strike them between the shoulder blades as hard as you can in a sweeping motion (like the Nike sign) for up to five times.

If that is not successful stand behind the casualty and place your two arms around their mid stomach area.  Again, give five quick sharp and upward thrusts to the area to try to expel the blockage.  Continue this cycle of back blows and abdominal thrusts until the person coughs up the foreign object or until the person becomes unresponsive.

When this happens, call 999 / 112 immediately, lay the person on the floor and begin CPR.  Keep going with the CPR until help arrives.


Answer 3:

As a parent we know ourselves how painful even the smallest of burns can be.  It is important then that we know what to do to help our children:

Step 1:            Cover the affected area with cold water for at least 10 minutes or until the pain stops.

Step 2:             If possible, remove any jewellery, watches etc.

Step 3:            Once cooled, wrap the affected area with a non-stick, sterile dressing to prevent infection.  Cling film is fantastic for this but take care not to wrap too tight.

Step 4:            Call for help or take the injured party to the doctor immediately to ensure infection does not set in.


MUST NOTE:  Never ever try to remove clothing that is sticking to the affected area

Never ever apply creams or sprays

Never touch the affected area

Always watch out for the sings of shock.


How can we help?

At Essential Health and Safety we can assist you will all aspects of your first aid training requirements.

Our instructors range from emergency first responders to advanced paramedics thus ensuring the very best of hands on training.


Please feel free to contact us for further information:


Office:             045 898060

Linda:              086 8757968

Email:              info@essentialhs.ie

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