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According to the Irish Health and Safety Authority, Forklift Trucks (FLTs) are among the most dangerous of all vehicle types operated in the workplace. It is thought that in many cases of workplace injury involving Forklift Trucks, there may have been complacency about the dangers of operating Forklift Trucks. Because they are so commonly used […]

Near Miss or Workplace Accident? A life saved is an invaluable gift to all concerned.   Reflecting upon this year’s National Workers Memorial Day and indeed absorbing the words of wisdom from the HSA’s CEO Mr. Martin O’ Hallaron, I feel it necessary to mention to and indeed to remind all business owners of the […]

An alarming article appeared in a recent issue of the Health and Safety Review (HSR) magazine noting the likely cause of the loss of a baby by miscarriage as being directly related to the mother’s workplace environment and workplace activities. At a practiced level, workplace pregnancy risk assessments are something we are all familiar with […]