Fire Safety Training

Course Aim

At the end of this particular training programme the learner will have a full understanding of the basics of fire safety in the workplace and the importance of fire prevention.  The learner will also have the opportunity to use a range of fire extinguishers via the PASS method.

Course Content

Fire legislation

• Fire Safety Act(s)
• Health and Safety Legislation

Fire Chemistry

• Fire chemistry looks at the types of fire and fire spread. It also looks at the fire triangle

Evacuation and Fire Prevention

• Fire warden and fire risk assessment

Practical Fire Training Exercise

• Fire training looks at types of extinguishers and there use


Duration:  1/2 day

Maximum Numbers:  12

Certification:  EDS Certification valid for 2 years


At EDS, we can design and deliver bespoke training packages up to and including ERT training.


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