COVID 19 Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the effective management of the COVID 19 virus within the workplace and as a result of all of our daily activities.   Management will endeavour to ensure the following provisions are in place to protect employees, visitors, contractors, customers, similar and in doing so help to restrict the spread of this deadly virus within our communities.

We at EDS Training Solutions will ensure the following:

  • The appointment of a COVID 19 Officer(s) within the workplace.
  • The provision of ongoing and up to date information relating to COVID 19.
  • The drafting of a site specific COVID 19 Emergency Response Plan.
  • The provision of ongoing monitoring and or updating of our health and safety statement, risk assessments and their associated documents.
  • The provision of induction training for all necessary parties.
  • The provision of monitoring and recording all necessary details of those returning to, visiting and or carrying out work at our workplace.
  • The provision and management of all necessary hand hygiene and cough etiquette protocol and procedures.
  • The provision of all necessary signage and information provisions throughout the workplace.
  • The drafting of all necessary policies, procedures and associated SOP’s.
  • The policing of and monitoring of all cleaning practices onsite and the training of all those responsible for the cleaning process.
  • The provision and maintenance of social distancing via our onsite signage protocol and COVID 19 Officer(s) duties.
  • The provision of effective monitoring of close contacts and or suspected cases of COVID 19 in the workplace.
  • The provision of the management of all third parties entering and leaving the workplace and or acting on our behalf.
  • The provision of assistance to all necessary regulatory bodies in respect to reporting and or contact tracing procedures.
  • Ensure all incidents of non-compliance are dealt with swiftly and effectively.