First Aid Training (3 Day) In Association with our RI Qualtec


Course Aim

To ensure the learner has the skills required to assist the patient until medical assistance arrives.


Upon successful completion and validation of the course the learner will receive your certificate that is valid for 2 years

 Course Content

  • Patient Assessment
  • Incident Procedure
  • Cardiac First Response
  • Community Common Medical Emergencies
  • Injury Management and Shock
  • Care for an Unconscious Patient
  • Burns and Electrical Injuries
  • Hypothermia and Hyperthermia

NOTE:  Comfortable clothing would be advised for the duration of the programme.

Covid 19 Lockdown Oct/Nov 2020

To minimise contact for the remainder of 2020 we will be delivering all of our FAR courses through our blended learning programme, the first two days of the course will delivered via virtual Zoom class and the third practical day will on site with stringent protocols in place to ensure the safety of our course attendees and our trainers.

Cost of Course:



Dates for Courses:

Day 1: 19th April, Day 2: 20th April, Day 3: 21st April 2021

Day 1: 28th April, Day 2: 5th May, Day 3: 12th May 2021

Day 1: 24th May, Day 2: 25th May, Day 3: 26th May 2021

Day 1: 28th May, Day 2: 4th June, Day 3: 11th June 2021

Day 1: 14th June, Day 2: 15th June, Day 3: 16th June 2021

Day 1: 30th June, Day 2: 7th July, Day 3: 14th July2021


To book please fill in the form below and choose the first date of the course. The time for the course is 9am until 4pm each day.

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