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_D0A9885At EDS, the drafting of site specific Risk Assessments and Safety Statements is an area we are passionate about and an area we truly specalise in.

So, how do we go about this?

Firstly, we visit the client’s site(s) to get a real feel for the day to day activities of the business itself.  We speak with the employees and managers (with prior client approval) to see what if anything is a miss at ground level.  We action a snap shot audit of the business and present all to the client in a written report format once the safety statement / risk assessment process is agreed upon.  Each area and each task is then looked at and risk assessed.  The client is from there encouraged to ensure all relevant training, SOP’s, SSW etc are in place in order to ensure overall compliance.

When the safety statement and risk assessment is handed over, our work with the client does not end there.  Follow up is a critical element of this very specific process at EDS.  We ensure that after the client has had a chance to review and digest the document, we follow up to see if any questions need to be answered by either management or employees.  If need be, we can then design a bespoke package in order to introduce this document to staff at all levels.  This is a proven and cost effective way of getting the safety message across.

  • Safety Statements
  • Method Statements
  • VDU Assessment
  • Pregnancy Risk Assessments
  • Workplace Noise Risk Assessments
  • Workplace Safety Audits


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