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What Exactly Will That Mean for the SME ? On Saturday 09th May Minister Heather Humphreys announced the Governments new Return to Work Safely Protocol document.  Minister Humphreys noted that this document was designed to support employers and workers to put measures in place that will prevent the spread of COVID 19 in the workplace.  […]

Why is this so important from a parent’s perspective? From a workplace safety perspective, everything is covered from signage to manual handling to chemicals and even first aid.  Of course this is critical for the operation of safe and health workplace but all too often we tend to forget about where our most precious possessions […]

Some Frequently Asked Questions! Working with handheld power tools in the workplace is for sure a hazard all of its own.  If not used, maintained and inspected correctly the consequential injuries can be horrific.  The training of all operatives is thus an essential part of managing this workplace hazard at ground level.   What is […]

An alarming article appeared in a recent issue of the Health and Safety Review (HSR) magazine noting the likely cause of the loss of a baby by miscarriage as being directly related to the mother’s workplace environment and workplace activities. At a practiced level, workplace pregnancy risk assessments are something we are all familiar with […]

Having a passion for what you do makes getting up for work every morning so much easier. So to I believe is knowing that you are going to work in a safe, well organised and well structured workplace. A fantastic example of this is something I came across as part of a university research project […]

In the April 2015 issue of the Health and Safety Review (HSR) magazine, it was noted that in 2013, there was in increase of 10% across the board in workplace fires. Documented high risk areas are as follows: Outside Storage                                 414 Fires Farm Buildings                                  193 Fires Warehouses                                       154 Fires Factories                                             105 Fires Evidence notes over […]

The Irish Injuries Board recently reported that activities involving the use of machinery in the workplace are accounting for a very high number of serious personal injuries. In 2013 alone, it was noted that 10% of all workplace claims were attributed to incidents involving the use of machinery. These included crush injuries, loss of digits, […]